A letter to… Take That

Monday Blog 17 June 2019

My dearest Mark, Gary and Howard… and of course, also Jason and Robbie,

Today this could be, the greatest day of my life

Finally, it’s here. The day that I looked forward to, so much and for so long. Last week, I was even too scared to ride my bike!* 

Today I will see the three of you perform as Take That again, after a wait of four years. Hell, it has been a long wait and SO much has happened in those four years! 

Got burned out, broke a few bones… and in the meantime I wrote a book. And I truly hope that I am given the opportunity to personally hand you a copy today. This book is like a dream come true to me. Meeting you and getting a picture is another childhood dream, which hopefully also might come true one day…. (today…??) #twistedsisteronamission

This book is a bundle of my first 100 blogs I wrote as Twisted Sister on my website www.twistedsister.nl. It started as therapy, to get me out of my burn out, but it has grown to a small business that gives me so much joy and energy… It’s almost like listening to you guys 😉

Most of the blogs are in Dutch, but there is A Letter to Robbie and A Letter to Gary, which of course are in English. I sent these to you via Twitter, but you might have missed them… And there is this one, of course. Currently, I am working on a translation of several blogs, that I would be happy to send to you once they are finished. Just let me know where 😉

Mark, Markie – if I may ;-), you have been my crush since I was a 10-year old girl. I still have my first poster, which I got laminated (for crying out loud!), so it couldn’t get damaged. Am not allowed to hang it next to my bed side anymore, though…

Gary, aren’t you just the sweetest and cutest Captain Barlow :-).  It melts my heart every time you send answers to us fans on social media and it almost broke my heart when I read your book, A Better Me. Written so well, so touching, so honest. Thank you!

And Howard, oh God, I just love your humour. And your love for chocolate! Your tweets and captions on Instagram so often make me laugh out loud (in public)…

You guys have been – and still are – such an important part of my life… I always say that you are the soundtrack of my life 😉 So I thank you for that, also on the last page of this book.

On my way to Amsterdam this morning, I picked up three copies at the printer’s, because it was only finished just this weekend. Today is registered as publication day of “K*t. Nu ben ik blogger (met een boek)”, which means as much as “F*ck. I’m a blogger now (with a book)”.

Today this could be, the greatest day of my life…

* You’ll understand what I mean, once you’ve read my book 😉

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