Could it be magic? (ENG)

Monday Blog 24 June 2019

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One week later. One week after the bubble. “Are you off oxygen already?!” one of my colleagues asked last Friday. I was back in the office on Thursday. Told everyone who wanted to know how it was, to be careful what they wished for…. Once I started talking, I couldn’t stop. It was so f*ckin’ amazing! Who else can say that so many of their childhood dreams came true in less than 36 hours?!

For those who missed it on Instagram, I copy my rather emotional post I wrote on the train home last Tuesday 18 June:

Yesterday, I arrived alone. 
Today I leave with many new friends.

I have lived in a bubble for the last 36 hours. Hardly slept and eaten. Currently on the train home, overwhelmed by emotions (read: crying, for fuck’s sake in a train full of people).

All of my dreams came true in two days. My book has been published and I’ve been able to give it to Take That’s security guard Paul. Thank you for accepting it on Mark’s behalf! You can’t imagine what that means to me!

I had the BEST gig of my entire life (so far). Singing, screaming, dancing and jumping (as far as possible with my bad ankle) from row 5; the closest that I have ever been!

And after a 6 hour wait in the burning sun today I finally FINALLY had “my” boys so close I could touch them…. I have waited the last 25 years for this moment.

Too bad that some people (who obviously get way more opportunities to get a picture, because they live in the same country and have the chance to see them more often) are not able to let someone else take their picture and enjoy the fun for a second. What is it with you people?! We are all on the same page here, right? Why can’t we just be nice to each other? That makes me sad….

On the other hand I am so happy for the many new NICE people that I met these days. Thank you for “letting me sit with you” and getting me in that bubble. Thank you for taking pictures I didn’t even know I was on. This absolutely means THE WORLD to me. Let’s keep in touch and let me know when you are in Maastricht. Let’s have “vlaai”.

At the end of the post, I tagged a few of the new people that I met. And the boys of Take That too. And guess what, within a few minutes, Mark Owen had liked my post (again)! Call me crazy and I don’t mind you, if you don’t understand, but my heart skipped a beat again. I really like this. I absolutely find this amazing! Of course, I am happily married to the sweetest man ever (who accepts my crazy crush). I have the cutest little 7yo. But I could also just eat this other cute little one. Can you believe that he is even a tiny bit shorter that I am?! When he smiles, I just melt.

I had three magnificent moments of standing next to him and chatting a few words. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of it, but the memory will never fade.

“Mark, did you get my book??”
“Aw. Thank you very much!”

I will never know if he really got it and had a look at it or if it’s just a standard answer. But the fact that he took the time to listen to me and answer my question, is priceless for a fan.

Also, after Howard finally made his way to the van, through all these hysterical women, I shouted “Howard! Please, one more?!” He turned and answered “One more? Sure!”. That meant the world to me!

I didn’t manage to get a selfie of a quick moment with Gary. But I am sure that that will happen one day, when the time is right. Even if it means that I have to wait for another four years. Believe in the magic!

Your Twisted Sister was on a mission. And the mission was accomplished.

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